Ruby on Rails vs Python – which is best? (ruby vs python)

Get 1 month completely FREE access to Skillshare (including my Ruby on Rails 6 course): In this video I’ll discuss my thoughts on Ruby on Rails vs Python (ruby vs python). Since django is the most common framework that is Read more

Building a Functional Nav Bar for a Ruby on Rails Application

In this video I walk through how to code a functional navigation controller that allows for users to navigate to different pages on the website. I show how to use the rails controller generator and update the routes file. For Read more

Rails Tutorial | Action Cable Basics in Rails 6

Many of the tutorials on the web for Action Cable are a bit outdated and don’t work. I decided to do an exploration for how Action Cable works in Ruby on Rails 6, and I recorded most of the process. Read more

Node js vs Ruby on Rails – Episode 001

To be honest, this title was chosen just for SEO. Because this title is comparing apples and oranges… Do you want to know why? See the video then 🙂

Ruby on Rails Web Services and Integration with MongoDB, Week 3: Mongoid

Speciallization Program Ruby on rails development course 3: Ruby on Rails Web Services and Integration with MongoDB Week 3: Mongoid By Jhons Hopkings University

Learn Ruby on Rails Tutorials for Beginners (Building Admin System) – Lesson 4

Learn Ruby on Rails Tutorials for Beginners (Building Admin System) These series of video tuts are a continuation of the bootstrap series on building a blog with an admin system. In these vids we bring life to the bootstrapped pages, Read more


In this Ruby on Rails tutorial we will add SEO friendly URLs to blog post entries. We will be using the friendly_id gem to automatically create Search Engine Optimized URLS that rank well on Google. If you want to learn Read more

Deploy to Heroku [ Ruby on Rails from the ground up – 5/5 ]

In this episode (the 5th and final episode in this series) we are going to take the Rails application we built in the previous episode and go through the process of deploying our app onto a hosting service called Heroku. Read more

How to Install Tailwind CSS using Ruby on Rails

Hi, My name is Andy Leverenz and I work as a product designer and developer. For fun, I design, code, and write. Check out my blog called Web-Crunch where I publish design and development tutorials with the occasional vlog. ==================== Read more